Still Alive!

Hi guys~

Despite what it seems, I’m still active here and I read all your comments (though my replies are usually super belated, but I get to them!). In fact, I still have a bunch of replies at this moment that I need to approve of and answer haha T o T

Thank you all for the overwhelming support. I don’t have anything game-related to update at the moments, but I’d like to share some things with you guys that may explain my haitus behaviours. :’)

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Get Dumped! Android Version

Get Dumped! Android Version

Hi everyone!

Sneaking in between my hiatus to proudly announce Get Dumped! the Android version! 😀

Big thanks to for working hard with this, I appreciate it…! They have some other games available in Androis form too, so support them by checking it out~

I’m super sorry for taking such a long hiatus– I’m planning to get back into the game making scene in about two months. Thank you for being patient with me!


Super sorry about my extreme lack of updates these past months! School has been taking up more time than I thought and since this year is my last year (which is very important to me) I made the hard choice of going on hiatus until next year May. 😦

I’ll work on this game here and there, but not in significant amounts where I can update regularly. I’ve decided to have a demo before anything else, which I will definitely push to finish in 2014. Really sorry for this, and I can only be grateful for those that stick around with me!

Since updates will be more casual, if I post any, it will all be on the art blog:

Soul Collector [3]


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For the past month, I’ve been working mainly on the script draft. ^o^/ It made me remember how bad I am at writing oh man haha. I rewrote it many many times, and even on my better copies are a bunch of crossed out sentences. I’m starting to think I normally ramble too much if I end up making the quiet characters speak so much LOL.

I got Vin’s design down for awhile now. He’s really fun to draw for me~

Vin close up

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Soul Collector [2]

Sorry for MIA those last few months– things have been really hectic on my side because of exams and such. I know this is a typical excuse but I feel guilty for updating this blog without much to show haha. I will try my best to update this blog every month on the 15th (and I’m already 7 days late from that for this month aahh).

Cheering on the future me~!

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